Sometimes, you have to be reminded of the funny and cringy things in life. Ever thought about how republicans have changed the internet? Things like websites offering best crossbows , $30 maga hats, and online gun stores.A recent study in mid-2017 showed that about one-quarter of Millennial had left the party during the past year. There are various reasons but there have been some off-the-way actions of the Grand Old Party that party explains this trend. Here are some of the most noteworthy ones:


  1. Online Gun Stores

Even after the number of gun-related mass shootings in the US in recent years the GOP-controlled Congress has made it easier than ever for people to buy guns. Following the recent Las Vegas mass shooting that was the deadliest in modern US history GOP lawmakers blamed Democrats for politicizing the issue of gun control. They also argued that current gun laws should be enforced better. ?Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) argued that more law enforcement was required to stop killers and madmen. Meanwhile, John Kennedy (R-LA) stated the shooting wasn’t a justification for putting limits on gun sales.

The GOP has received criticism for sponsoring a US bill to make the buying of silencers easier. In fact, the law is about boosting the access of Hunters to federal lands. However, the silencer provision  was added due to Rep. Jeff Duncan (R-SC). He argued that silencers only suppress the sound of guns instead of actually silencing them.. However, Sen. Dianne Feinstein (D-CA) criticized the GOP for not taking any legal actions to limit gun sales. The US Senator has been a long-time critic of so-called “bump stocks.”

One of the big issues after Stephen Paddock’s Las Vegas mass shooting was the issue of the sale of bump stocks, which can turn non-automatic guns into fast-shooting ones without using an automatic weapon. The products had already become hot-selling items of online retailers. Many such sites stop selling the units immediately after the Las Vegas shooting. However, they started appearing again later. Official in federal law enforcement reported that Paddock had bought several weapons at a gun shop in Nevada.


  1. $30 MAGA Hats

One of the main fund-raisers of President Trump during the 2016 campaign was his “Make America Great Again.” One criticism is about the $20 hats made in China, Bangladesh, and Vietnam that were sold by street vendors during the inauguration in January. The irony is that while the slogan claims Trump can supposedly return the world’s only superpower to greatness. However, if the fake hats are made in such developing countries it’s actually benefiting the economies and workforces in those nations.

However, another key issue is the manufacturing costs are also much lower in those countries. During the 2016  campaign one of Trump’s campaign promises was to return manufacturing jobs to the US. This is another irony since the jobs of manufacturing the fake campaign hats were shipped to foreign countries. Some Trump supporters were  upset to learn the hats sold by street vendors were made abroad.

The officials hats sold on Trump’s official campaign site are in fact made in the US. They range in price from $25 to $30 based on the labels inside the hats. During the inauguration some Trump supporters didn’t mind the fact the hats were made in foreign countries since they could save up to one-third the cost of the official hats. However, others were surprised to learn the knock-off  hats were actually improving the economics of other countries.


  1. Trump-Mocking Twitter Account

Last year the Ohio Republican Party created a Twitter account that indirectly mocked Trump. That’s because the twitter account mocked the Ohio director for the Trump campaign. The account was later deleted. The account was a parody Twitter account and was created after the Trump campaign broke its relationship with the Ohio GOP Party Chairman Matt Borges.

Borges stated creating the account was a bad decision that was made without considering the action thoroughly. It showed that Trump been battling the Ohio state party for quite a while. The reason is it was closely linked to the state’s governor John Kaisich who was a major Trump critic. Borges also referred to the mistake of the ORP Executive Director who created the account. He referred to the “mistake” of Katie Eagan and defended her in an email that was sent to Ohio’s central committee members.

Borges also defended various interviews with state/national media about his personal relationship with Trump. He also shared advice he had given the GOP presidential candidate. Borges also shared that his family had received threats of violence following the incident. Borges stated that the Trump campaign’s strategy had been to divide Republicans and attack anyone who was unsure about how they would vote in the November election.