The 4,700 member NY Sergeants’ Union placed a full page ad in both the Times and the Post requesting that the DNC pass on Brooklyn in 2016 as Mayor de Blasio has not “earned the right” to host the event.

Note that this missive did not come from the NYPD PBA, nor from the upper echelons of the police department, but from a union with a long history of leveraging media for its own ends. Right now, the issue is that de Blasio, making good on a campaign promise, has stopped the infamous stop-and-frisk policy.

It’s an interesting turn on events, since a committee of 70, including Jamie Dimon, Lloyd Blankfein and Cynthia Nixon have pledged to raise at least $100 million to bring the convention to Brooklyn. Funny thing: when you look at the Democratic Party’s wings, there is a large progressive branch who have been counseling Hillary Clinton to divest from her relationship with the military-industrial complex, the banks and big money to be able to run on a more Main Street platform. Yet, the people pushing for a convention in NY are those same people who could drive a certain percentage of the Democratic electorate towards the left, especially in primary season.