We’ve talked about weather affecting conventions plenty of times. You can see all of the posts from 2008 here. Last cycle a hurricane delayed the Republican National Convention and it was a thousand miles away.

The St Petersburg Times continues that talk for Tampa in 2012.

As he looks ahead to hosting next year’s Republican National Convention, Tampa Mayor Bob Buckhorn is upbeat, but blunt.

“The only thing that could make our life miserable is a hurricane,” he said last week.

That’s possible, but not likely.

The chance of a hurricane hitting Tampa Bay the week of the convention are probably less than 1 percent, a National Hurricane Center scientist estimates.

Still, it’s not zero. So Buckhorn vows Tampa will not be caught off-guard. There will be, he said, no Katrina-style chaos.

According to Hurricane City, Tampa Bay gets “brushed or hit ever 2.04 years.” So on average every 2.04 years Tampa sees some sort of tropical weather. The chances of it happening the week of the convention are slim but it would make for some unhappy convention-goers if it does.

Ask anybody from Charlotte about Hurricane Hugo and they’ll tell you that Charlotte isn’t immune.