The Republicans are trying to just ignore the new immigration law:

The Republican National Committee is still eyeing Phoenix to host the GOP’s 2012 National Convention, and isn’t concerned about the uproar the recent anti-immigration law has caused across the country.

“This bill has not been part of our discussion regarding the convention,” said Jahan Wilcox, RNC spokesman in Washington.

Arizona Republican Party spokesman Matt Roberts said his organization hasn’t received any indication from the site selection committee that Phoenix is out of running to land the convention.

“There’s no apprehension on our behalf,” he said.

However, this news report from KPHO is decidedly more pessimistic.

And what does the DNC say about Phoenix’s bid for the 2012 Democratic Convention

“We haven’t announced or confirmed any potential bid cities.”

even though the DNC was visiting St. Louis earlier this week. Still no specific comment from the DNC about whether they think it’s appropriate for Phoenix to continue its bid for the 2012 Democratic Convention. Here’s a simple thought: it’s not appropriate.